Bug fix, Small AI adjustments and made some levels easier

I made the levels where you have to fly through a meteor field easier. I did some AI adjustments to improve the way one of my ships flies around large rocks and avoids getting stuck. For my gatling ships, the speed they move to dodge no longer depends as much on the speed of the projectile coming at them but they dodge at a more more constant speed. I realized that they were not moving to dodge one type of projectile since it was not added to parent object my ships dodge so I fixed that.  I also found a critical bug on the last level. When I was adjusting things last time I had accidentally added a ship that is not finished to my map. It is a ship I did not ever intend to use and it has code that crashes. I removed the ship and replaced it with the ship with finished code. 


Treacherous Space.dmg 344 MB
May 23, 2019
Treacherous Space.exe 352 MB
May 23, 2019

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