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Treacherous Space

Space shooter. Fight in large battles to accomplish missions in this action retro fantasy. · By Daniel Francis-Lyon


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Meteors now deal damage to your enemies or allies
I have been working on teaching my ship AI to dodge meteors more effectively. I decided ally and enemy ships are now good enough at dodging meteors that I can m...
4 files
Most of my ships are good at dodging meteors now
Some of my ships could dodge meteors before. But more of them can now. And more importantly, they are good at it now. They are much better at it now. I also ad...
2 files
Changed the sprites for most Human ships
I changed the sprites for my human ships. Now they look less advanced and there is a larger contrast between how human and Elvin ships look. And the main charac...
2 files
fixed an allusive bug with a very annoying error message
I had some code where I take the square root ((my speed.x- bullet speed.x)squared + (my speed.y-bullet speed.y)squared). I started getting the ridiculous error...
4 files
Bug fix, Small AI adjustments and made some levels easier
I made the levels where you have to fly through a meteor field easier. I did some AI adjustments to improve the way one of my ships flies around large rocks and...
2 files
Added zoom function and made GUI look better. Some AI adjustments
The buttons on the GUI for selecting levels look much better. Title does not shake any more. You can zoom in and out to see more or less. Screen better adjusts...
2 files
You can now select levels with arrow keys as well as the mouse
You can now choose levels with arrow keys as well as the mouse. I also decided that some of the levels were too hard so I made some of them easier...
2 files